Extraordinary Limited Edition Designer Watches

Hiphop watchOrganic Inspiration #1 watchSolar Flare watchCrystal watch

UnconstrainedTime is a new direction in timepiece design, breaking free from current conventions, presenting a range of truly unique new timepieces and inspiring others to explore further. Above are some examples of our current range of Limited Edition watches. We also have YouTube videos showing images of these watches.

We offer a custom watch-design service creating works of art where every aspect of forms and materials can be a truly representative icon for individuals or companies seeking a uniquely stunning one-off or Limited Edition watch.

We have an open and ongoing design competition for creative people to propose watches which align with our exploratory direction of aesthetic and creative focus, and we also make our innovative time-display-concepts easily available for others to use in their own projects.

Our blog releases news and articles relevant to our ongoing project and encourages discussion as does our presence on social media: Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest.

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