Major Milestone for UnconstrainedTime

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The UnconstrainedTime project released a single watch some time ago but it became clear that the project needed to show a significant range of watch designs to clearly demonstrate that it is a substantial ongoing project and not just an interesting one-off. That time has now come with the release of five radical new Limited Edition watch designs, each an extraordinary example of creative exploration as well being part of the whole range, demonstrating the project’s chosen aesthetic direction of fundamentally art-jewelry watch design.


Organic inspirtations 1 ladies watchCrystal men's watchOrganic inspirtations 1 mens watchHipHop men's watchCross ebony and gold men's watchSolar flare mens watch


You can click on any of the amazing watches above to go to the specific page for that watch where you can read more about it, see more images and bid on the auction to buy one.

If you love the overall creative direction of these radical and beautiful watches but would like a much more personal design specifically for yourself or your company (as a one-off or Limited Edition), we have a custom watch design service. Since the aesthetic possibilities of our watches have been freed from the constraints of conventional timepiece design, a custom-designed UnconstrainedTime watch can be a far stronger representation of your choice of style and looks than any conventional watch design could hope to achieve.

We also have an open and ongoing design competition for anyone who would like to suggest a watch design which they think would fit with the UnconstrainedTime range. We offer a generous percentage of the income to the designer of any watch we choose.

Comments welcome : if you don’t see comments below, click here and you will :)


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