Design Competition

UnconstrainedTime is running an open and ongoing design competition welcoming any creative submissions of design proposals for future UnconstrainedTime watches.

We are interested in designs which fit our creative aesthetic, so you may like to take a look at our existing range of watch designs, and read our articles which will help to clarify our chosen creative directions.  We are interested in designs which are significantly different from existing watch designs (or from the many unreleased design ideas we already have available).

Your design ideas may be presented in any form, although high-quality 3D renders can often present a design concept more effectively than other methods. The modeling and rendering of our current range of watch designs were all outsourced to freelancers on oDesk for reasonable cost considering the potential profits to a designer of an UnconstrainedTime watch.

If we choose a submitted design to promote as part of our range, your name as a designer will be included in the watch name and you will receive a percentage of sales (currently 20%) from that model (typically sold as a Limited-Edition of 100 pieces). We will post our choices of the best of submitted design ideas on this website (initially on this page) and will usually include a link to your own website along with the images of your design(s). A designer can also be an affiliate, promote their own watches and so receive both the designer percentage and the affiliate commission on sales from visitors they have referred to our website.

We also make it easy for any designer to use our unique time-display concepts in their own designs. You can use any of our three unique display concepts free of charge (provided you give us appropriate credit for the display concept used). We intend to develop the display-functionality as a standard module (including battery-compartment, and terminals for attaching 12 mini-LED's) which we intend to make available for sale so that other designers can purchase it from us and use it in their own watch designs.

Please submit design ideas or ask any questions you may have:

If you are interested in watching the progress of our design competition, submit your email address below and we will confirm that you are on our mailing-list (usually instantly) and send you occasional emails to inform you as our project evolves. (whitelist "").

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