Time-Display Concepts

UnconstrainedTime presents three new unique touch-watch time-display concepts. These (as defined below on this page) are designated PatentLeft, so are free for anyone to use as long as they give us appropriate credit for the display concepts (while our watch models are Copyright).

The general concept shared by the three UnconstrainedTime display concepts is that they are LED, touch-display (i.e. the LED's are only activated when the larger of two buttons is touched), they have 12 separate display elements, and the appropriate two display elements flash one after the other, flashing slowly for the hour and a fast flash for which of the 5-minute intervals is being displayed. (Note that the Solar-Flare video shows the time-display inaccurately, as it was created before the time-display concepts were finalized).

Display concept #1 "Ring": Display is circular or approximately circular (elliptical, square etc.), with conventional (watch-numeral position) locations for 12 LED's:

Time-display concept #1

Display concept #2: "Cross": Display is (approximately) cross-shaped, with 12 LED's, order is in-to-out for each 3, so 1 is near the center, 3 near the outside edge, and 2 in between, etc.:

Time-display concept #2

Display concept #3 "Individual": Display has separate locations for each of 12 symbols, backlit by LED when displaying flashing time signal. The symbols can be in any spacial configuration since each symbol is itself descriptive.

Time display and adjustment.

The watch concept includes two buttons, one large, one small, which function as follows, providing both time-display on request (since the LED's are normally off to conserve power), and adjustment function:

Time display: press the big button briefly (then release) to illuminate the display (as defined above) for 3 seconds. The display is LED, and it is normally off (to conserve battery life). AM/PM indication is shown by the hour indication being before the minutes (for AM) or after the minutes (for PM).

Adjustment: To adjust the time press the small button for 3 seconds (then release) to switch to adjustment mode, whereupon initially the big button adjusts hours (the current hour flashes, and each brief press of the button increasing the time hour-setting by one hour), then the next press of the small button makes the big button adjust the 5-minute steps (current 5-minute-display flashes and each press of the big button increasing the set-time by 5-minutes), then one more press of the small button ends the adjustment mode, returning the watch to normal mode and displays the time for the normal 3 seconds.

These display/adjustment design concepts (as above) and are hereby declared to be PatentLeft.

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